Agribon® Applications

Icono Protección de Frutos

Fruit Protection

Bio-rational fruit protection
Non-woven fabric bag designed for the protection of individual or clustered fruits.

Performs sheathing which guarantees that no insect or plague comes in contact with the fruit isolating it from the exterior.

Unlike polyethylene bags, it is reusable up to 4 times

Generates a micro-climate that promotes the growth and quality of the fruit.

In Banana Trees and Bananas, it succeeds in moving forward the harvesting by 2 weeks.

Protects the fruit without the use of agro-chemicals; ideal for organic or bio-rational crops.

The Agribon® bag absorbs the latex residues that detach the bananas when deflowering; this manages to reduce or eliminate the “Latex Stain”.

Frequent crops: Banana tree, Banana, Papaya.
Icono Protección contra Insectos

Plague Protection

Greater crop quality and yield
Forms a physical barrier between the plant and the environment, protecting it from plagues, insects, infections and dust.

Allows the seepage of the water, air and light needed for the growth of the plant.

Generates a micro-climate that promotes better yields and quality of the crops.

Minimizes or even eliminates the use of agro-chemicals in the crops. Ideal for organic or bio-rational producers.

Adds value to the crops in export markets.

Main crops: Melon, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber, Hot Peppers, Flowers, among others.
Icono Protección contra Maleza

Non-woven Padding or Underbrush Protection

Prevents underbrush growth
Adequately blocks the light that promotes the growth of underbrush.

A diferencia de los acolchados de polietileno, es permeable al agua, aire y nutrientes conservando la calidad del suelo.

Prevents water accumulation on the padding surface.

Lasts up to 3 cycles when installed on the field, reducing labor.
Agribon protección contra heladas
Icono Protección contra heladas

Protection against Frosts

Reduces drastic temperature changes
Drastically reduces frost damage by cushioning sudden temperature drops.

By providing a micro-climate with greater temperature than that of the environment, reduces harvesting time.

Main crops: strawberries, lettuce, flowers, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, among others.
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